Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maren Esdar - Mixed Media Collage

Maren Esdar is a German born fashion illustrator specialising in mixed media collage. Esdar completed studies in the areas of styling and illustration, using these experiences to create unique, surreal and imaginative artworks.

Through her works, Esdar explores strong themes and imaginations with past works seeing connections between the topics of human fears and phobias, with one such collection titled arachnophobia. The relationship between cruelty and beauty has also been touched in her illustrations. Her works are a fabulous reference point and an imaginative source of inspiration.

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  1. Today's word is fusion. That is the very nature of Collage. And the glamorous Design by Maren Esdar for the most important FASHION Magazines have a strong connection with the dreamlike works by Dave McKean. A fusion between Fashion and alternative comics, a trend we should observe with attention.