Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bill Henson

The past couple of weeks have been filled with sourcing inspiration for our final year collection at UTS. I have chosen to include on my blog a couple of artists who I am greatly inspired by and who's work I admire. The other week I came across an old art diary from high school in which I had explored a couple of works from Australian photographer Bill Henson and an article about collection we had visited of his at the Art Gallery of NSW. I was instantly reminded of the exhibition and of one room in particular where Henson's haunting images took up the entire space of the four walls of the room, making it feel like you were in the artwork and trapped in the dark, desolate, battered landscape he had created.

I decided to use Henson's photography as part of the inspiration for my concept which encapsulates a broken, destructive future world. The eerie glow, disjointed compositions and macabre colour scheme of his works inspire my aesthetic and evoke the connotations of a world stripped bare and surviving on a raw energy.

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