Monday, April 19, 2010

Hugo's @ Manly

Today was one of the most gorgeous, sunny days in Sydney and I had to spend it out and about! I visited Manly for the day and had an amazingly relaxing day shopping, eating, drinking and ending with watching the sunset at Hugos on the Wharf. The atmosphere and the decor was gorgeous as a warm glow filled pockets of the restaurant with delicate tea light candles and soft modern light fixtures. Ive included some 'happy snaps' I took of the sun setting and the euphoric surroundings from where we sat as it took away my breath the beautiful moments nature gives us. I have included some in my design journal as I was in awe of the colours of the sky and the way the shadows of trees and buildings created skeletal structures on the horizon. Do make a trip to Manly and take the ferry to enhance the magical experience. Sydney is the most beautiful harbour in the world and there is nothing better than feeling the breeze and being on the water viewing the landscape from another point of view.

Cocktails of course!

Amazing desserts, chocolate souffle and banana and walnut pizza...need I say more!!!

The colours captured here and the skeletal skyline creates an air of nostalgia, mystery and an unknown sense of the future as the environment is ever changing.

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