Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tim Walker - Fashion Photography

Keeping in with the "Alice in Wonderland", eclectic, euphoric theme I have touched on this week, today I am adding a shout out to Tim Walker, an inspirational fashion photographer who whisks you away to a new undiscovered world with each shoot. I came across a great quote from an interview Walker did with SHOW Studio "You look through the viewfinder and there's a window to something magical. You haven't seen it see something you haven't yet's such a thrill..." I really like this idea of viewing photography as a 'window to something magical' as it is an amazing concept to capture a moment in time you can never capture the same again. Below are just a couple of images out of the many that I am inspired by through colour, composition and content.

Some of Tim Walker's images remind me of the mood evoked in Bill Henson's photography as there is a similar air of mystery and intrigue. Both manage to develop a puzzling sense of reality evoked by the seemingly disjointed composition and quirky use of subjects relating with their environment seen in both their works.

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